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Life at BU!
September 18, 2006, 2:48 pm
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I am absolutely loving my new home. This life that i’m livng with Christ here at Baylor is fabulous. He is guiding me toward incredible friends and is blowing me out of the water everyday with what He is teaching me and revealing to me. I truly do serve an incredible Lord. But once again i come back to dying to myself everyday, it is not easy and my biggest struggle. I know that the my God is faithful though. It was nice to be back in my hometown for the weekend, i went to a great wedding, spent a little family time, and went to my home church where i was definitely encouraged. (special shout out to darren. your words were great). Lord please take care of my pride, so i can take care of living for you. Remind me to die to myself everyday! I truly want to follow you to the ends of the earth and want that to be my utmost desire, even if that makes my mission field across the hall, or across the world. Reveal your character to me and teach me to live like you. I have recieved many blessings in the last four weeks, and want to bless you in return.


This heart is not my heart
August 30, 2006, 12:58 am
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Oh Wow! so last night, i was keeping the fabulous Dr. Phil and his buddy Shane company, while phil had desk duty, when God blessed be with incredible insight and conversation. Shane and i just met last night, but he is quite wise (both of them are) and alot of what i learned last night is just from hearing the two of them speak to each other. Man, those two are brothers in Christ. They speak wisdom into each others lives out of the love God has given the for one another…anyway. After everyone else had left and it was almost two, one of the things shane was saying was that since we are Christians, and Christ lives in us, our hearts are not our hearts. What does that mean, how do you apply that….What am i giving my heart to…it’s not mine to give. Am i protecting my heart, in the name of Christ, because it is sacred. When i want to serve and am trying to find my mission field (yeah, hello right where i’m at i just moved 600 miles from home and am trying to find God’s path for my life) where am i investing my heart. How much am i considering Christ. There are so many things i have to say that Go along with this, just not right now. i am experiencing an incredible freedom in Christ. A joy i have let satan rob me of for so long, and i am done. ready to own the freedom that Christ has won for me. When i act as if this is my heart, i cannot experience the richness of all the God has for me.

August 14, 2006, 3:41 am
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so in my last post i talked about moving and boxes and junk and stuff. now i actually am moving in reall life. in 3 days. so, things are crazy and i have ten billion things to say, so i’m working on some post worthy words. please be patient with me. thank you

July 17, 2006, 11:04 pm
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you know how you label boxes when you move, according to what’s in them? i’m getting ready to move in four weeks, and i think that if i were to get into a box, it would be labeled JUNK. not that i am junk, but i’ve tried to fill myself with so many other things than God, that junk is all that’s left in me. i have nothing left but junk. you don’t move junk. you throw it out. God please help me throw out my junk. it’s a big box and i can’t do it alone. i’m asking now, even crying out. help me leave my junk, so you can fill me up.

Hold on…
June 7, 2006, 12:13 am
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This seemed like a better blog to take to school in the fall. a little more collegiate and sophisticated if you will.  i working on real posts to put on here, so bare with me.